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Contribution of Courses to Program Outcomes:
  Program Outcomes
Type Units Course Number & Title a b c d e f g h i j k l m n
LEC 4 EE1 Electrical Engineering Physics I
LEC 4 EE2 Physics for Electrical Engineers
OTH 3 EE3 Introduction to Electrical Engineering
LEC 4 EE10 Circuit Theory I
LEC 4 EEM16 Logic Design of Digital Systems
OTH 2 EE99 Student Research Program
LEC 4 EE100 Electrical and Electronic Circuits
LEC 4 EE101 Engineering Electromagnetics
LEC 4 EE101A Engineering Electromagnetics
LEC 4 EE102 Systems and Signals
LEC 4 EE110 Circuit Analysis II
LAB 2 EE110L Circuit Measurements Laboratory
LEC 4 EE113 Digital Signal Processing
LEC 4 EE114 Speech and Image Processing Systems Design
LEC 4 EE115A Analog Electronic Circuits I
LAB 2 EE115AL Analog Electronics Laboratory I
LEC 4 EE115B Analog Electronic Circuits II
LEC 4 EE115C Digital Electronic Circuits
LEC 4 EEM116C Computer Systems Architecture
DES 4 EEM116D Digital Design Project Laboratory
LAB 2 EEM116L Introductory Digital Design Laboratory
DES 4 EE118D VLSI System Design
LEC 4 EE121B Principles of Semiconductor Device Design
LEC 4 EE123A Fundamentals of Solid-State I
LEC 4 EE123B Fundamentals of Solid-State II
LEC 4 EE124 Semiconductor Physical Electronics
LEC 4 EE128 Principles of Nanoelectronics
LEC 4 EE131A Probability
LEC 4 EE132A Introduction to Communication Systems
LEC 4 EE132B Data Communications and Telecommunication Networks
LEC 4 EE141 Principles of Feedback Control
LEC 4 EE161 Electromagnetic Waves
LEC 4 EE162A Wireless Communication Links and Antennas
LEC 4 EE163A Introductory Microwave Circuits
LEC 4 EE163B Microwave and Millimeter Wave Active Devices
DES 4 EE164D Microwave Wireless Design
LAB 4 EEM171L Data Communication Systems Laboratory
LEC 4 EE172 Introduction to Lasers and Quantum Electronics
LAB 4 EE172L Laser Laboratory
LEC 4 EE173 Photonic Devices
LEC 4 EE176 Lasers in Biomedical Applications
DES 4 EE184D Independent Group Project Design
LEC 4 EEM185 Introduction to Plasma Electronics
OTH 4 EE194 Research Group Seminars
OTH 8 EE199 Special Studies
Number of courses contributing strongly to each program outcome 39 16 23 4 14 4 7 5 7 8 8 4 8 7
  LEC - Lecture course  - Strong contribution
  LAB - Laboratory course  - Average contribution
  DES - Design course  - Some contribution
  OTH - Other  - No contribution
Program Outcomes Courses with Strong Contribution to each Outcome
EE1, EE2, EE10, EEM16, EE100, EE101, EE101A, EE102, EE110, EE113, EE114, EE115A, EE115AL, EE115B, EE115C, EEM116C, EEM116D, EE118D, EE121B, EE123A, EE123B, EE124, EE128, EE131A, EE132A, EE132B, EE141, EE161, EE162A, EE163A, EE163B, EE164D, EEM171L, EE172, EE172L, EE173, EEM185, EE194, EE199
EE102, EE110L, EE113, EE114, EE115AL, EEM116D, EE131A, EE141, EE161, EE163B, EE164D, EEM171L, EE172L, EE184D, EE194, EE199
EE102, EE110L, EE113, EE114, EE115AL, EE115B, EE115C, EEM116D, EE118D, EE128, EE131A, EE132A, EE141, EE161, EE163A, EE163B, EE164D, EEM171L, EE172L, EE173, EE184D, EE194, EE199
EE110L, EE184D, EE194, EE199
EE3, EE10, EE110, EE110L, EE114, EE115AL, EE115C, EEM116D, EE118D, EE163B, EE164D, EE184D, EE194, EE199
EE163B, EEM171L, EE194, EE199
EE110L, EE115AL, EE163B, EE176, EE184D, EE194, EE199
EE3, EEM171L, EE176, EE194, EE199
EE3, EE99, EE114, EEM116D, EE132A, EE194, EE199
EE3, EE128, EE132B, EE163B, EE164D, EE176, EE194, EE199
EE110L, EE115AL, EEM116L, EE163B, EE164D, EE184D, EE194, EE199
EE115AL, EE131A, EE132A, EE132B
EE2, EEM16, EE100, EE102, EE115AL, EEM116C, EE163B, EEM171L
EE2, EE101, EE101A, EE115AL, EE131A, EE172, EEM185

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