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Course Description Form

Course number and title: EE213A Advanced Digital Signal Processing Circuit Design
Credits: 4
Instructor(s)-in-charge: Not offered in 2011-12
Course type: Lecture
Required or Elective: A Circuits and Embedded Systems course.
Course Schedule:
Lecture: 3 hrs/week.
Outside Study: 9 hrs/week.
Office Hours: 2 hrs/week.
Course Assessment:
Project Reports: One project.
Grading Policy: Typically, 100% course project.
Course Prerequisites: EE212A.
Catalog Description: Digital filter design and optimization tools, architectures for digital signal processing circuits; integrated circuit modules for digital signal processing; programmable signal processors; CAD tools and cell libraries for application-specific integrated circuit design; case studies of speech and image processing circuits.  
Textbook and any related course material:
Course Reader; available at UCLA bookstore.
Proakis, J.G., Digital Signal Processing : Principles, Algorithms, and Applications (recommended).
Vaidyanathan, P.P, Multirate Systems and Filter Banks (recommended).
Wolf, W., Modern VLSI Design: Systems on Silicon (recommended).
Rabaey, J.M., Digital Integrated Circuits: A Design Perspective (recommended).
Course Website
Topics covered in the course:
System design tools.
Filter design; fixed-point design.
FIR architectures; fixed-point modeling; signal statistics gathering.
IIR architectures, all-pass sections.
Bit-parallel architecture, power issues.
Dependency graphs
Will this course involve computer assignments? NO Will this course have TA(s) when it is offered? NO

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