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Course Description Form

Course number and title: EE216B VLSI Signal Processing
Credits: 4
Instructor(s)-in-charge: Dejan Markovic (
Course type: Lecture
Required or Elective: Elective
Course Schedule:
Lecture: 4 hrs/week
Outside Study: 8 hrs/week
Office Hours: 2 hrs/week
Course Assessment:
Homework: Several assignments
Exams: 1 midterm and 1 final
Grading Policy: Typically, 20% homework, 30% midterm, 50% final
Course Prerequisites:
Catalog Description: Advanced concepts in VLSI signal processing, with emphasis on architecture design and optimization within block-based description that can be mapped to hardware. Fundamental concepts from digital signal processing (DSP) theory, architecture, and circuit design applied to complex DSP algorithms in emerging applications for personal communications and healthcare.  
Course Website
Topics covered in the course:
Architecture design and optimization
VLSI signal processing
DSP algorithms in emerging applications
Will this course involve computer assignments? NO Will this course have TA(s) when it is offered? NO

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