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ABET Course Objectives and Outcomes Form

Course number and title: EE99 Student Research Program
Credits: 2
Instructor(s)-in-charge: Faculty
Course type: Tutorial
Required or Elective: Elective.
Course Schedule:
Outside Study: 3 hrs/week
Course Assessment:
Project Reports: 1 report
Grading Policy: P/NP grading
Course Prerequisites: None
Catalog Description: Entry-level research for lower division students under guidance of faculty mentor. Students must be in good academic standing and enrolled in minimum of 12 units (excluding this course). Individual contract required; consult Undergraduate Research Center. May be repeated.  
Course Website
Topics covered in the course and level of coverage:
Entry level research 30 hrs.
Course objectives and their relation to the Program Educational Objectives: The course provides lowe division students with opportunities for entry-level research under the guidance of faculty mentor.  
Contribution of the course to the Professional Component:
Engineering Topics: 100 %
General Education: 0 %
Mathematics & Basic Sciences: 0 %
Expected level of proficiency from students entering the course:
Mathematics: Average
Physics: Average
Chemistry: Average
Technical writing: Average
Computer Programming: Average
Material available to students and department at end of course:
  Available to
Available to
Available to
Available to
Course Objectives and Outcomes Form: X X X
Samples of lab reports from 2 students: X X
Samples of exam solutions from 2 students: X X
Course performance form from student surveys: X
Will this course involve computer assignments? NO Will this course have TA(s) when it is offered? NO

  Level of contribution of course to Program Outcomes
(i) Strong  
Strong: (i)

:: Upon completion of this course, students will have had an opportunity to learn about the following ::
  Specific Course Outcomes Program Outcomes
1. Entry-level research i

  Program outcomes and how they are covered by the specific course outcomes
(i)   Entry-level research  

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