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Course Description Form

Course number and title: EEM202A Embedded Systems
Credits: 4
Instructor(s)-in-charge: M. Srivastava (
Course type: Lecture & Project
Required or Elective: A Circuits and Embedded Systems course.
Course Schedule:
Lecture: 4 hrs/week.
Outside Study: 8 hrs/week.
Office Hours: 2 hrs/week.
Course Assessment:
Homework: 2-3 homework assignments.
Project Reports: 1 project.
Exams: 1 take-home exam.
Grading Policy: Typically, 20% homework assignment, 20% take-home exam, 40% project, 15% presentation 15%, 5% class participation.
Course Prerequisites:
Catalog Description: Same as Computer Science M213A. Designed for graduate computer science and electrical engineering students. Methodologies and technologies for design of embedded systems. Topics include hardware and software platforms for embedded systems, techniques for modeling and specification of system behavior, software organization, real-time operating system scheduling, real-time communication and packet scheduling, low-power battery and energy-aware system design, timing synchronization, fault tolerance and debugging, and techniques for hardware and software architecture optimization. Theoretical foundations as well as practical design methods.  
Textbook and any related course material:
Lecture slides and set of papers from literature are recommended by instructor.
Course Website
Topics covered in the course:
Embedded system S/W organization and static scheduling.
Real-time CPU scheduling: Rate monotonic theory, preemptive and non-preemptive scheduling.
Real-time communications: Generalizer processor scheduling, fairness.
Power-aware Design: Energy consumption sources, battery models, power reduction, power management, power-aware schduling.
High-level synthesis of embedded hardware: scheduling and transformation-based performance optimiation.
Will this course involve computer assignments? NO Will this course have TA(s) when it is offered? NO

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