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Course Description Form

Course number and title: EEM217 Biomedical Imaging
Credits: 4
Instructor(s)-in-charge: Aydogan Ozcan (
Course type: Lecture
Required or Elective: Elective
Course Schedule:
Lecture: 3 hrs/week
Lab: 2 hrs/week
Outside Study: 7 hrs/week
Office Hours: 2 hrs/week
Course Assessment:
Homework: Several assignments
Exams: 1 midterm and 1 final
Grading Policy: Typically, 20% homework, 30% midterm, 50% final
Course Prerequisites: EE114 or EE211A
Catalog Description: Mathematical principles of medical imaging modalities: X-ray, computed tomography, positron-emission tomography, single photon emission computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging. Topics include basic principles of each imaging system, image reconstruction algorithms, system configurations and their effects on reconstruction algorithms, specialized imaging techniques for specific applications such as flow imaging.  
Course Website
Topics covered in the course:
General introduction to optical imaging modalities in bio-medicine
Introduction to spatial Fourier Transform theory and sampling theorem
Introduction to imaging and microscopy
Coherent and incoherent imaging systems
Near-field and far-field imaging; evanescent waves (NSOM, super-oscillations); Non-imaging diagnostic applications of evanescent waves
Specialized imaging techniques for specific applications such as flow imaging
Structured illumination microscopy; Stimulated emission depletion microscopy
Fluorescent super-resolution imaging modalities (STORM, PALM)
Super-lens, plasmonic imaging; Digital holographic microscopy; High-throughput imaging, Scanning optical microscopy, mirror-tunnel imaging
Lensfree on-chip imaging (OFM, LUCAS); Phase microscopy, DIC
Will this course involve computer assignments? NO Will this course have TA(s) when it is offered? NO

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