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Contact Information

Rm 66-147B, Engineering IV
Electrical Engineering Department
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1594
Phone: (310)825-7279

Ph.D., 1978,
Applied Physics,
Hull University, England

Courses Taught
EE 172
Introduction to Lasers and Quantum Electronics
EE 172L
Laser Laboratory
EE 185
Introduction to Plasma Electronics
EE 271
Classical Laser Theory
EE 279S
Special Topics in Quantum Electronics
EE 285A
Plasma Waves and Instabilities
EE 285B
Advanced Plasma Waves and Instabilities
EE 287
Fusion Plasma Physics and Analysis

laser fusion, laser acceleration of particles, nonlinear optics, high-power lasers, and plasma physics

Chand Joshi  [Email]
Professor Research Group: Laser-Plasma Group
Maxwell Prize

Dr. Chan Joshi is currently a Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of California Los Angeles and the Director of the Fast Track to Success and Honors Program. He is also the Director of the Neptune Facility for Advanced Accelerator Research at UCLA.

His research is in the fields of plasma physics, lasers and electromagnetics. In particular Professor Joshi has interests in the areas of laser fusion, laser acceleration of particles, nonlinear optics of plasmas, high-power lasers and particle beams, and basic plasma phenomena. Prof. Joshi has made many fundamental contributions to our understanding of extremely nonlinear optical effects in plasmas. Most notable are his first experimental demonstrations in plasmas of four-wave mixing, stimulated Raman forward instability, stimulated Compton scattering, resonant self-focusing, quasi-resonant modes, frequency up shifting by ionization fronts and nonlinear coupling between electron-plasma waves. His research group is best known for work in the field of ultra-high gradient acceleration of charged particles using space charge density waves in plasmas using a laser or a particle beam pulse. Such wakes are being considered as accelerating structures for next generation of particle colliders and compact light sources to make these critical instruments of scientific discovery compact and affordable. Work started by Professor Joshi in the 1980s at UCLA has now spread worldwide.

Professor Joshi's research focuses on laser fusion, laser acceleration of particles, nonlinear optics, high-power lasers, and plasma physics.

Sample Publications
S. Deng, C.D. Barnes, C.E. Clayton, C. O'Connell, F.J. Decker, C. Joshi, et al,   "Plasma Wakefield Acceleration in Self-ionized Gas or Plasmas,"   Physical Review E (Statistical Physics, Plasmas, Fluids, and Related Interdisciplinary Topics),   vol. 68, no. 4, Oct. 2003, pp. 47401/1-47401/3.  [pdf]
F.S. Tsung FS, R. Narang, W.B. Mori, C. Joshi, et al.,   "Near-GeV-Energy Laser-Wakefield Acceleration of Self-Injected Electrons in a Centimeter-Scale Plasma Channel.,"   Physical Review Letters,   vol. 93, no. 18, pp. 185002/1-4, 29 Oct. 2004..  [pdf]
P. Muggli, B.E. Blue, C.E. Clayton, S. Deng, F.-J. Decker, M.J. Hogan, C. Huang, R. Iverson,C. Joshi, et al.,   "Meter-Scale Plasma-Wakefield Accelerator Driven by a Matched Electron Beam.,"   Physical Review Letters,   vol. 93, no.1, pp.014802/1-4, 2 July 2004..  [pdf]
S.Ya Tochitsky, R. Narang, C.V. Filip, P. Musumeci, C.E. Clayton, R.B. Yoder, K.A. Marsh, J.B. Rosenzweig, C. Pellegrini, and C. Joshi,   "Experiments on Laser Driven Beatwave Acceleration in a Ponderomotively Formed Plasma Channel.,"   Physics of Plasmas,    vol. 11, no. 5, pp. 2875-2881, May 2004..  [pdf]
C.V. Filip, R. Narang,S.Y. Tochitsky, C.E. Clayton, P. Musumeci, R.B. Yoder, K.A. Marsh, J.B. Rosenzweig,C. Pellegrini, and C. Joshi,   "Nonresonant Beat-Wave Excitation of Relativistic Plasma Waves with Constant Phase Velocity for Charged-Particle Acceleration.,"   Physical Review E: Statistical Physics, Plasmas, Fluids, & Related Interdisciplinary Topics,   vol. 69, no. 2, pp. 26404/1-8, February 2004..  [pdf]

Selected Awards/Recognitions

IEEE Fellow,  1990.
Fellow of the American Physical Society,  1990.
American Physical Society Award for Excellence in Plasma Physics Research,  1996.
USPAS Prize for Achievement in Accelerator Physics and Technology,  1997.
Fellow of the Institute of Physics (United Kingdom),  1998.
American Physical Society Centennial Speaker,  1999.
Distinguished Lecturer in Plasma Physics 2001-2002,  2001.
APS Maxwell Prize,  2006.
IEEE particle Accelerator Science and technology Award,  2009.

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