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Contact Information

Rm 58-113, Engineering IV
Electrical Engineering Department
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1594
Phone: (310)825-4360

Ph.D., 1967,
Physics - Spectroscopy,
University of California, Los Angeles

Courses Taught
EE 123B
Fundamentals of Solid-State II
EE 172
Introduction to Lasers and Quantum Electronics
EE 172L
Laser Laboratory
EE 173
Photonic Devices
EE 173D
Photonics and Communication Design
EE 110
Circuit Analysis II
EE 224
Solid-State Electronics II
EE 270
Applied Quantum Mechanics

IR Lasers, Fluorescent Imaging, Raman Imaging, IR Detectors, Ceramic Lasers, Medical Applications

Oscar M. Stafsudd  [Email]
Professor & Vice Chairman
Fullbright Fellow

Oscar Stafsudd received his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1959, 1961, and 1967, respectively. He has been on the faculty of the Electrical Engineering Dept. since 1967. He has consulted for various corporations such as Hughes Research Laboratories, Nortec Industries, Bendix Advanced Research Lab, Litton Industries, Airtron Industries, and Phraxos Research Development.

Prof. Stafsudd holds patents for a "new class of materials for the generation of coherent radiation between 300-1000 microns"; the "method of single crystal synthesis of ternary calcogenides"; "epitaxial growth of beta silicon carbide"; a "wafer base for silicon carbide semiconductor device"; "electromagnetic scattering in active guide"; silicon carbide (a metal carbide alloy semiconductor), and the method of making it; and has a patent pending for the technique for the Czochralsky growth of proustite and other related ternary semiconductor compounds.

Prof. Stafsudd is a member of the Optical Society of America, the American Association of Crystal Growth, and is a Senior Member of the IEEE. His research interests are in quantum electronics, especially IR lasers and nonlinear optics, and in solid-state IR detectors. His current interests are: fluorescent life-time imaging and Raman imaging for medical applications.

Professor Stafsudd's current research focuses on:
- Mid-Infrared Lasers for applications in materials processing,
dentistry, and surgery
- Ceramic Laser Media for high power laser systems
- Time Dependent Fluorescent Imaging for medical applications
(cancer detection)
- Raman Imaging for medical applications
(Bone intrusion in wounds and burn treatment)
- Infrared Detectors

Sample Publications
I. Lubomirsky, W.Y. Wang, F. DeFlaviis, and O.M. Stafsudd,   "Dielectric Relaxation in Ceramics with an Intragrain Concentration Gradient,"   Journal of the European Ceramic Society,   vol.22, no.8, August 2002, pp.1263-7.  [pdf]
R.K. Shori, A.A. Walston, O.M. Stafsudd, D. Fried, and J.T. Walsh Jr.,   "Quantification and Modeling of the Dynamic Changes in the Absorption Coefficient of Water at lambda = 2.94 mu m.,"   IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics,    vol.7, no.6, Nov.-Dec. 2001, pp.959-70..  [pdf]

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