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EE201D Design in Nanoscale Technologies
EEM202A Embedded Systems
EEM202B Distributed Embedded Systems
EE205A Matrix Analysis for Scientists and Engineers
EE209AS Special Topics in Circuits and Embedded Systems
EE210B Inference over Networks
EE212A Theory and Design of Digital Filters
EE214B Advanced Topics in Speech Processing
EE215D Analog Microsystems Design
EE215E Signaling and Synchronization
EE216B VLSI Signal Processing
EE221B Physics of Semiconductor Devices II
EE221C Microwave Semiconductor Devices
EE223 Solid-State Electronics I
EE224 Solid-State Electronics II
EE225 Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures and Devices
EE230C Algorithms and Processing Communication and Radar
EE230D Signal Processing in Communications
EE231A Information Theory: Channel and Source Coding
EE231E Channel Coding Theory
EE232D Telecommunication Networks and Multiple Access Communications
EE232E Graphs and Network Flows
EE233 Wireless Communication Systems
EE236C Optimization Methods for Large-Scale Systems
EE239AS Special Topics in Signals and Systems
(section 1)
EE239AS Special Topics in Signals and Systems
(section 2)
EE239AS Special Topics in Signals and Systems
(section 3)
EEM240C Optimal Control
EEM250B MEMS Fabrication
EEM252 Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) Device Physics and Design
EE263 Reflector Antennas Synthesis, Analysis, and Measurement
EE266 Computational Methods For Electromagnetics
EE272 Dynamics of Lasers
EE279AS Special Topics in Physical and Wave Electronics
(section 1)
EE279AS Special Topics in Physical and Wave Electronics
(section 2)
EE279CS Clean Green IGERT Brown-Bag Seminar
EE293 Intellectual Property for Technology Entrepreneurs and Managers
EE295 Technical Writing for Electrical Engineers
EE297 Seminar Series in Electrical Engineering
EE296 Seminar: Research Topics in Electrical Engineering Faculty
EE298 Seminar: Engineering Faculty
EE299 M.S Project Seminar Faculty
EE375 Teaching Apprentice Practicum Faculty
EE596 Directed Individual or Tutorial Studies Faculty
EE597A Preparation for M.S. Comprehensive Examination Faculty
EE597B Preparation for Ph.D. Preliminary Examinations Faculty
EE597C Preparation for Ph.D. Oral Qualifying Examination Faculty
EE598 Research for and Preparation of M.S. Thesis Faculty
EE599 Research for and Preparation of Ph.D. Dissertation Faculty

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