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:: EE597C, Special Courses for Winter Quarter 2017 ::
By clicking on the instructor name you will reach the course website for the corresponding special studies course.
Abidi Alwan Cabric
Candler Chang Christofides
Chui Cong Coogan
Daneshrad Diggavi Dolecek
Fletcher Fragouli Grundfest
Gupta He Huffaker
Itoh Iyer Jalali
Jarrahi Joshi Kaiser
Liu Liu Markovic
Mehta Mori Ozcan
Pamarti Pottie Rahmat-Samii
Razavi Roychowdhury Rubin
Sarrafzadeh Sayed Soatto
Speyer Srivastava Stafsudd
Tabuada van der Schaar Vandenberghe
Wang K. Wang Y. Wesel
Williams Wong Woo

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